all handcrafted using stones. beads and textiles from around the globe. We use upcycled beads as well.

We have loads of designs available!

Sea glass jewellery

all made from sea glass found all around the world, this way, we can share our love of travel and eclectic things with you! each piece has a story to tell, click on a ring and have a look!



earrings are such a simple way to add a statement piece to your outfit, try some of these on for size. each of our earrings are unique and are made with different colors, styles, and materials, most have elements of recycled jewelry and fabrics. have a look and see which one takes your fancy


bracelets are simple and easy, you slide them one and you are good to go! our bracelets come in one, two or three wraps. all made from recycled jewelry as well as the odd bits and bobs you find in a creative workspace like nest'd!

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nest'd is based in perth, 

western australia

0418 888 561

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