bed to beach

lounge wear

100% cotton
S M L 

i am a great lover of coming home and throwing on pj's, comfy pants (whatever you want to call them!) Even if it's 4  in the afternoon - you cannot beat the pj comfort factor!  i also find it very hard to get out of my pj's in the morning, so it's safe to say, i could potentially spend ALL day in my pj's!!!

lounge pants are extra long & roomy for delicious lounging around! all pants have pockets - an absolute must!

so, pj's are an important facctor of my wardrobe, as i don't want to change once i'm in them. SO, if my pj's can be worn outside the home - i'm a happy woman! 

a snazzy kimono can make any outfit look fabulous.  Over throws or kaftans, are sensational in summer - so I just adore throwing them on too.


i try and use only natural fibres - cotton, linen and rayon - which is super important - our skin needs to breath!

i try and make each item slightly different - it's great for creativity and nobody wants to be seen in the same thing!

I love this range and have had some serious fun putting these together.

I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I do.

Embroidered Tops & Dresses

100% hand dyed cotton

one size

These gorgeous tops and dresses are made from 100% muslin cotton that is hand dyed. The embroidery is done by a village in Northern Thailand. 

The designs are traditionally Mexican.

Great care and love has been invested in each piece.  I hope that you enjoy the creativity of these amazingly talented women.

Varied styles & colours available. 

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